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the focus is on practical applications rather than theoretical info at this young age.

fun and interaction with your project brings the knowledge home


Junior Builder Introduction - Basic skills

car-washOur junior builders learn how to build things strong and correct. This is the foundation of engineering. Have you ever thought what would happen if you build a bridge and while people drive across, it breaks? Not a good idea! Our junior builders work hard in this phase to learn how to do things right, first time! During this time they also have more than enough time to fix things if it breaks and to play with their inventions.                                            

  •   Basic mechanical building skills
  •   Strengthening methods
  •   Communication skills
  •   Follow facilitator step-by-step
  •   3D model copy


Mechanical Builder  -  Intermediate - practical application                                                        

top-picture4Senior builders should know by now the basic building skills, so they continue to the next step – learn how to make things higher, faster or stronger, how to use the work of others and redesign it to something different (or perhaps more useful). This is the phase where the application of basic mechanics plays a very important role.

  •   Structures
  •   Wheels & axles
  •   Gears
  •   Levers
  •   Pulleys
  •   Follow building plans
  •   3D model copy
  •   Change model creatively afterwards


Designer Builder  -    Applied mechanics                                               

Building skills and application of mechanics are part of the strong foundation. Now it has become time to build on this foundation. Use all the knowledge of the previous years and apply it to new machines, by adding the correct shapes to the structures. In other words, this is the esthetical way of designing – making your machines into something desirable, ready to send out as tenders to companies. This phase also includes basic mathematics on how to tender for a project, how to work out the cost, how to make it cheaper without losing quality etc.


  •   Every day machines
  •   Theoretical info
  •   3D model copy
  •   Logical thinking and deduction
  •   Bridging course to NXT/EV3 building techniques

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