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We are now ready to unveil the DestructoBots challenge for 2016 after a very successful pilot tournament in December 2015. We had 9 teams competing for the grand prize of R500.00 (winner takes all).

DestructoBots is great fun and after talking to the competitors we decided that DestructoBots has a future and that we are going to make it a fixed part of Trophy Robotics.

Please click on the DestructoBots link in the menu to go to the DestructoBots website for more information.

Destructobot Balloon Bash Challenge 2016


Ok Guys there seems to be a lot of confusion as to who can play which game. So allow me to try and explain this a little more in detail:

BumperBots Information:

  1. This is a fun game for all those kids adults and grandparents who want to challenge each other in friendly competition.
  2. This is for all of you, young and old who does not have any robotics kits, but still wants to play.
  3. This means when you register, you will have the opportunity to play with the robots of the competition. You do not have to build a robot, neither do you have to buy one.
  4. This is also the place where you can gain experience, before you decide to buy your own set.
  5. So just to make sure that you do understand - this game can be played by anyone who wants to get a feel for the game from leterally 5 year old to 100 years old.
  6. A seperate field playing field will be setup at our DestructoBots competition on which Bumperbots will be played. It is the same playing field as the DestructoBots. The robots is just not designed to break stuff, but rather to bump each other off the field.

However if you do have your own LEGO ROBOTICS SET, the you should rather move on to the DestructoBots Light or Super games.


Pieter Pretorius has signed a contract with Robofest to become the official director of Robofest South Africa. We beleive that Robofest create fantastic new opportunities for learners to compete in teams as well as individual. Over the years we have found that there is a lot of learners who prefer to go at it alone. They do not enjoy working in teams and therefore find it hard to compete in any competitions. Robofest fills that gap.

Robofest is very much a STEM activity.  

What is even more important is the fact that Robofest does not limit one to a specific robotics platform or programming. This opens up great new opportunities for learners to follow their own paths in programming and electronics. We trust that leaners will grab this oportunity to show what they can do. Please note that the registration for this coming season (2015) has already opened.  Go to the Robofest.net website and register as a coach. After you have done that, you can register as many teams as you want under one coach.  Come on all you young engineers, take on the Robofest Challenge.




Whats happening inthe clubs!

Jamie1 2014
Jamie Anderson of the Cornwall Hill College Club became one of our long time members this year.

It basically means that Jamie has now spend 7 years in our club. We are very proud to have such loyal club members.

His achievement is only topped by the fact that Jamie has done the most gradings of all our members over the past 16 years.


Upcoming Events

Robofest 2017-South Africa


Registration is now open until 15 February2017.

Read more about RoboHit 2017 here

You can register your team on this page

This is an open platform competition. Why not try it, it is fun?

RoboFest Workshop

We are planning on doing a workshop to help teams prepare for the competition. Watch this space for the date of this workshop

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