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Updated 4 Janaury 2016

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 What is Trophy Robotics?
Trophy Robotics is a club where kids can have a hands-on experience of science and technology. We use LEGO(R) as our equipment and show them how basic mechanics works, i.e. wheels & axles, gears, levers etc. For the older kids we have robotics, where we teach them basic programming and building skills.

Where is Trophy Robotics?
Our head office is in Vanderbijlpark, but we have clubs all around Gauteng. 

Why are the building plans in different colours?
Many kids can follow building plans high above their age group, but cannot always apply those skills to other projects. We use different colours to show where important building skills (patterns) are used. It is an important foundation for later activities.

Why are some building projects so much easier than the ones we buy in shops?
Again, we are here to lay a strong foundation so that kids can apply specific patterns throughout their classes. Robotics is about balance, patterns, creative design and practical applications, not just following building plans. We repeat specific strenghtening methods with easier models in the beginning as the processes involved are extremely important. Repetition, just as in school with maths, takes high priority in the beginning of each year.

When do the classes start?
We are working according to the same times as the schools. When they are open, so are we. When they are closed, so are we.
Exeptions: January - we begin the week after the schools opened and for November when we close on the 30th. no classes during December.

Do I have to register every term/year?
No, you only have to register once. That registration is valid until the day that you cancel classes. The registration/admin fee is however, payable at the beginning of each year.

What will happen when I miss a class?
If your child missed a class due to illness, sport or any unforeseen circumstances, please contact us to make alternative arrangements. If your child only stays away without any notice, you will forfeit that class. The same for classes that are missed due to holiday arrangements.
The learners of the homeschool groups still have to pay for the booked workshops even if they don't show as the prices are worked out according to the number of kids, the venue hire and the distance travelled. 

Follow up
We do not follow up when kids are not attending class. They have lots of extra-murals and miss class for competitions, eistedfodds, exams etc. if we have to follow up on each kid not attending class, we will be more on the phone than in class. It is the parent's responsibility to know when his child is not attending class and to contact us about his child's absence. When they go to robotics straight after school, ask them in the afternoon about class. Don't rely on them attending. Unfortunately we cannot run through the schools looking for each absent child.

What happens when the school cancels a class?
When the school has an activity that is on the same time as our club, which means that we will not be able to have class, then we do not have to catch up on that class. If a class is cancelled by us, we will make arrangements to catch up on lost time.

Is there a caring service available for waiting kids?
No, please make arrangements for your child's safety. They can stay with us in class in unforeseen circumstances, until you fetch them. In such a case, please contact us to make arrangements. We can not supervise kids before or after class -outside of the classroom - as we are busy with another class. There will be extra charges to your account if you are more than 10 minutes late (after our last class on each day)

How do I pay?
You can pay in cash or by direct bank transfer. Regrettably we do not accept cheques any more.

Are there any classes on a public holiday?
No, we don't have class on a public holiday - dates as set at out by GDE

What happens when riots occur on our roads to the school?
Classes will be cancelled when my staff or the kids of our clubs are in danger on the roads due to riots. No catching up of that class will be done.
The same will be for heavy storms as happened in 2016.

Can I buy the LEGO(R) sets that they use in class?
Yes, call us for a quote. we will gladly assist you.

Does my child have to do the competitions?
No, it is voluntarily. When we have informal club games during class times, we would, however, like them to join as it forms part of the curriculum.

Do the kids take their models home?
No, but they can buy the LEGO to continue at home

If you have paid the class fees and for some reason you do not wish to continue with class, you will not receive a refund. Please pay wisely.

What is DestructoBots
this is a fun, hands-on activity where the kids build bigger robots to overcome obstacle courses and "battle" their friends. the destruction comes in the form of some obstacle on the field. we do not go out to destroy robots!

Where can I download the complete terms and contions?
Click on the Downloads link in the toolbar



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