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Each year we host a few interclub challenges for learners to show what they can do. The challenges are fun and include some of the following:



 Download the complete competition info summary

Strongest bridge

Which bridge can hold a 4L bottle of water? Design skills count

Highest tower

Which tower is the highest? No  human support allowed? It must have a structural pattern

Shooting competition

Which catapult can shoot the furthest? Building plans will be provided as guidance

Line Racing

The robot that can fetch a ball from a table and drop it into a bucket in the fastest possible time.

Fastest robot building Who can the fastest from building plans
Creative Building Creatively design a machine according to specifications.


Some of the projects will be on Saturdays and some of it will be done during classtimes. All will count towards competitions for the rewards stickers. The dates and times will be communicated via the calender when it happens on a Saturday.

For national competitions:

Prepare students for the real world: In robotics competitions, students must work as a team to design, build, and program their own robot. Not only are students responsible for all aspects of project planning and preparing for the competition, if a robot breaks or malfunctions while competing, students must think on their feet and work together to come up with a solution. This teaches students what it’s like to work as a team to creatively solve problems under the pressure of a looming deadline.

 Foster intense learning at all levels: If you’ve been part of a robotics competition team, you know that they’re anything but dull. Competitions immerse students in dynamic teamwork, creative challenges, technical problems, project planning, project management, time management, computational thinking, design thinking, and a whole lot of other stuff. As they work to apply the engineering process to real-world problems, students must figure out how to work within the parameters they’re given, but must also figure out how to be as creative as possible within those parameters. This adds up to a whole lot of STEM and 21st century learning as students plan, adapt, iterate, improvise, prototype, design, and redesign their robots. And, since competition teams often travel, kids get the added bonus of meeting new people and traveling to new places, sometimes even internationally.

(borrowed from Robomatter)

Upcoming Events

Robofest 2017-South Africa


Registration is now open until 15 February2017.

Read more about RoboHit 2017 here

You can register your team on this page

This is an open platform competition. Why not try it, it is fun?

RoboFest Workshop

We are planning on doing a workshop to help teams prepare for the competition. Watch this space for the date of this workshop

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