Rankings System

We have also decided to introduce a club ranking system for our kids to compare their skills against all others in our clubs. This ranking system in split up in 2 divisions - Internal Club Rankings as well as Open Club Rankings.

Internal Club Ranking

This is a close ranking system just for TCR members in all our clubs. We are doing these ranking during class times  at certain times of the year. This is a voluntary system and kids are not forced to participate in it. However we are using this ranking system to identify learners for competition development in the future.

At this moment the club rankings for our teams and schools are :

Speed Building  TCR Top 10 Teams:

( Grade 4 - 8 Challenge- Accuracy and Speed is very important) - The Crane Model

Rank Team Club Time
1 Thomas Wilcox and FynnMc Carty St.John's 20min 58 sec
2 Shaun du Plessis and Louis Schoeman Midrand Club 22 min 50 sec
3 Luke Andrews and Rein Arndt Cornwall Hill Club 25 min 56 sec
4 Yonguen Kim and William Chien Dainfern Club 36 min 48 sec
5 Logan and Madison Rosenberg St.John's 37 min 40 sec
6 Charlton Chung and Yianni Harito St Bennidicts 40 min 12 sec
7 Jenna and Jordyn Davies Midrand Club 40 min 50 sec
8 Michael and Endrico Vdbpark Club 41 min 58 sec
9 Julian Swart and Cuan Coetzee Cornwall Hill Club 42 min 59 sec
10 Shamel and Rumi Seleka Midrand Club 43 min 57 sec


Open Club Rankings

This is open for all clubs, even if your child is not part of TCR. This is a one day event and will only have on or near youth day every year. Watch this space for more information on the next event.


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