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The SPORT for the MIND club    



By   introducing youngsters to the basics of mechanics and robotics from a very  young age, the kids form a strong foundation from where they can make better and informed decisions when they have to make career choices in grade 9.

The younger the kids start in the club, the stronger their foundation becomes, as they have time to complete all the levels without having to push themselves to catch up with their peer group. It also helps them to solve problems easier, as creativity plays an important role in the problem solving process. It is a well known fact that younger kids are more creative than their older siblings. They also have more time to play with their creations and fix broken ones, which means – learning through   play – a special method of memorizing




Robotics was designed to introduce the science
behind the design
and operation of robots.

Robots are often classified according to their
generation, level of
intelligence, level of control
and level of programming language.

Designing,  building, programming and testing a
robot is a combination of physics, mechanical
engineering, electrical engineering, structural
engineering, mathematics and computing.

In our classes the learners are working especially
with the design process of   the robots and the
programming thereof, but the teams that do
compete, go one   step further and learn to draw
their own building plans (LEGO CAD designing)  
as well as how to present their designs to a
panel of judges.

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